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Anonymous: I want to ask you if you could sometimes not post your photos as photo-sets, but each one alone?

Hey there ‘Nonymous!

You can ask that of course, but I am going to direct you to the instagram if you want single photos. For this blog I want to keep it consistent at 10 photos per street, as it’s part of the vision of the project as a whole.

That being said, I was thinking about starting an All Streets Singles Tumblr for posting single photos like you’ve requested, but to be honest I hardly have time for taking that on right now. Maybe in the future I’ll get to it when I have more time and money to spend on this project - wouldn’t that be the dream! I will be sure to keep you posted, Anonymous!

Carrer de París - Barcelona, Spain

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Verversstraat - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(via allstreets)

Carrer de Valldoreix - Barcelona, Spain

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Ralliol Street - Toronto, Canada

Carrer del Pare Iglesias - Tarragona, Spain

(via allstreets)

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William Street - Kingston, Canada

I really love reading all the tags and the things you all write when you reblog these photos. The excitement, and love for these cities and streets that you all have is really contagious, and you all deserve to know that you keep me inspired to keep travelling and photographing.

That’s all. As you were.

Carrer de Vila-Seca - Barcelona, Spain

(via allstreets)

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