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Carrer de Wellington - Barcelona, Spain

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DunDonald Street - Toronto, Canada

azarathkid: You're absolutely one of my top five favorite blogs. Don't ever stop!

Why, thank you! You got it!

eellement: I love love love your blog! Such an amazing art you have going on there. Seems like you also have a very spontaneous life. Very inspiring torwards me and other people who wish to travel and see the world (or streets) one step at a time :-)

Thank you so much!

A spontaneous life, that’s a good way to describe it! I just try to embrace whatever opportunities come my way, no matter how random, and do my best with them - so far it’s been a most fantastic adventure and without a doubt made me a better person. At risk of sounding more cheesy than I might already, I am so honoured to hear my silly little life might inspire others to go on their own adventures! 

Anonymous: I've been on one of your streets you recently posted, but my picture is nothing compared to yours. Could I please use yours as an Instagram photo? This is one of my favorite blogs to follow. Keep up the great work!

Oh, I wonder which street the ever aloof Anonymous was wandering on - I don’t recall seeing any grey-faces about …

Now, now, Anonymous, I know you ask in jest to use my photos for your instagramin’ - but don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep snapping away, and you’ll enjoy your photos more and more, I promise. It only gets better! (And thank you for your kind words!)

Greetings One and All!

Allow me to extend a warm welcome all of you who have only recently joined me on this adventure!

All Streets, although it originates on Tumblr, is available on a variety of platforms. There is a Facebook page, where I post photos and news regularly. There is also an All Streets Instagram, where instead of sets of photos, you get individual photos and their locations in the square Instagram format. Finally, for those of you who wish to actually get your hands on some of the photos featured here, there is an All Streets Society6 store. At this store many of the photos you’ve seen posted here are available to purchase as prints, and this is a way beyond donating which helps to support the continuation of this project!

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at any time through the ask box on the blog, or through the plethora of options available on all the platforms. I am always happy to hear from you all!

Thank you again for all of the support from all of you! To those of you who have been around since the start, I thank you for encouraging me this whole time to continue this project. And to those of you who have recently discovered All Streets, I welcome you and hope you get as much out of this project as I have enjoyed doing it.

To many more adventures and photographs!



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Carrer de Montjuïc del Bisbe - Barcelona, Spain

(via allstreets)

St. Joseph Street (Marshall McLuhan Way) - Toronto, Canada

mmaravillosa: Keep up the good work, your blog is fantastic and I really like the idea! Now I want to go to Lisbon so bad, it looks beautiful!

Thank you so much! I will do my best to keep up the good work :)

And you absolutely should go visit Lisbon if you get the chance - great architecture, food, and people in Portugal (not that any of the places I’ve been to have lacked in any of these departments …)

Anonymous: I love all your photos, kisses from Spain! ❤️

Muchas gracias! Abrazos de Canada!

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